Inside CRE Tech • Episode 7.3

What Are The Most Exciting “Smart Office” Technologies?

Top CRE executives discuss the benefits of construction and design technology.

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Adam Stoltz, National Director, Consulting Services - Transwestern

HVAC systems, lighting control systems, elevator access control systems that are smarter about the occupant experience, that speed up elevator response time at peak load periods, that decrease the amount of HVAC when occupancy levels decrease rather than on that sort of set point schedule.

Gabrielle Rubin Deveaux, Global Real Estate & Facilities, Buzzfeed

What gets people excited about technology, I can't speak for everybody, we have a lot of people do a lot of different things, but for myself and, you know, having the role in facilities, especially, is having any sort of technology or software that helps us do our job better. You can do a ticket via Zendesk which is quite common or now you can check out something like CrowdComfort which allows not just a one way sort of communication, but if multiple people say it's cold, it'll bump up the ticket and also let that person know that we've received it. So it's nice to see how things are evolving and how certain boats in the water, if you will, are doing it better.

Adam Stoltz, National Director, Consulting Services - Transwestern

Some of them will have smart features, if you will, around arrival and departure right. The gate opens just within a sense of proximity of your arrival as opposed to actually getting to the gate and having to take out your card and put it to the to the sensor.

Others have focused on the visitor experience right. The ease with which someone can post that a visitor is going to arrive, knowing when that visitor has or is about to arrive, and where they're supposed to go. Even down to, you don't have to tell someone what floor they're meant to go to because once you have their name in the system, the elevator only goes to that floor when they step into it.

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