Inside CRE Tech • Episode 2.3

What Will Tenant Engagement Look Like in 5 Years?

Top CRE executives discuss the future of tenant engagement.

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Hussain Ali-Khan, Global Alliance Director, CBRE

In five years tenant engagement may not be a whole lot different than it is now.

Adam Stoltz, National Director, Consulting Services - Transwestern

In 5 years, without question, we'll have a lot more information about the experience that tenants are having in buildings, without having to necessarily ask them. And in fact, we'll know a lot more before we go and engage them in a conversation.

John Gilbert, EVP, COO, CTO, Rudin Management

The only thing I know for sure is that it will be on your phone, and we believe that the phone is will become the most important sensor in an entire building.

Kent Tarrach, VP, Asset Management & Global Corporate Development, Brookfield

You know, we'll put in a gym, we'll put in a bike room, we'll put in a beer tap, believing that those are all valuable or because we don't know any better. But, what we'll be able to do in time is understand what those features are being most utilized so that in five years, from now we can cure rate the experience much better than what we can right now because we have that insight and that knowledge.

John Gilbert, EVP, COO, CTO, Rudin Management

Our buildings were built with the hard sciences of chemistry and physics. Now sociology and biology are becoming more and more important as we really understand the patterns, the humanistic biological patterns of people in your building.

Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

So we've been looking at things in a building around water and air and electricity. Those are the fundamental things that you've been expecting from a building. And I think that that is changing. I think that what we're now getting to is also you know you want the Nitro, and the kombucha, and the lager as well as the IPA on tap. These amenities that are starting to be served up are becoming more targeted. They are becoming, you know, less about creature comforts and more about experience. And we're going to see that more and more right. The building is going to know you. It’s going to know the lighting you like. It's going to know the temperature you like. It's going to know when you come in ,when you leave, and who you like to hang out with. And we're going to tailor your experience around all of those items that we now know about you.

Jack Sibley, Technology & Innovation Strategies, TH Real Estate

So I got 3-D for this one, which are that it's going to be Digital first. There's gonna be a much more Direct. Okay we're gonna be going much more to straight to the end uses much more like hospitality. It might not even be called tenants engagements anymore. Just be called part of that whole user experience package. And so digital, direct, and Data. Data driven with much more real time insights to be generated.

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