Inside CRE Tech • Episode 5.3

Benefits Of Construction & Design Technology

Top CRE executives discuss the benefits of construction and design technology.

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Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

Construction and design has really always been around an art and a science and we now have the technologies that are allowing us to bring that together.

John Gilbert, EVP, COO, CTO, Rudin Management

I think that the the biggest surprise that I have had in my twenty-six years of working with the Rudin family, was how important that the data that we were collecting was to our enterprise customers. I didn't realize, I thought it was just about running the corps and having it be efficient. But suddenly Chief Sustainability Officers from Blackrock and other large enterprises started to see this data and said we want this data. We as a corporate entity need this data. Why? Because they're using it for their messaging to their shareholders, to their employees, to the people that they're trying to attract from a talent standpoint, that they too have an environmental responsibility, a moral responsibility, as well as a civic responsibility, and a business responsibility to use as little energy as they possibly can running their offices.

Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

We have a data rich environment now where we're able to start modeling for disasters in terms of hurricanes or earthquakes and starting to be able to do that at a much more structured much more granular level.

Gabrielle Rubin Deveaux, Global Real Estate & Facilities, Buzzfeed

I think the benefits of this 21st century design is actually right now. I would love the opportunity to do a buildout by using 3D rendering and construction and document free events. It's just a matter of time before I can see contractors using like a Google Glass to know exactly where to put a wall up. That would be amazing. And I'm sure it's around the corner and I would be happy to lean very far into that.

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