Inside CRE Tech • Episode 2.1

What Is Tenant Engagement?

Top CRE executives discuss the latest trend in commercial buildings, tenant engagement.

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Adam Stoltz, National Director, Consulting Services - Transwestern

Tenant engagement should be a more proactive conversation with the organizations and the people that occupy buildings, in order to understand what the performance gaps are between how the building is working and their experience within that building.

John Gilbert, EVP, COO, CTO, Rudin Management

A smart building needs to have a conversation a digital relationship with everybody who comes into the building.

Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

When we talk about engaging with the tenant there's a big question of who is our tenant? Is it the person that has signed the lease? That would be a company as our tenant. Is it that company's employees? Or in an office situation, is it that tenants employees? In a residential building, is it the tenant? Is it the tenant’s nanny? Is it the tenant’s dog? Who is the target of the engagement that we’re after?

Kent Tarrach, VP, Asset Management & Global Corporate Development, Brookfield

Tenant engagement in our mind is developing closer connections to the individual occupants that are within our buildings as opposed to just at the at the tenant level.

Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

From a real estate perspective, we've gone from space occupancy, to a space utilization, to space experience. And when we want to get to space experience we must have the engagement of the tenant.

Jack Sibley, Technology & Innovation Strategies, TH Real Estate

Every way that you interact with your tenants and ultimately their end users. And on top of that, how do you help them enjoy the space more. And so there's obviously a tech angle to that as well, in terms of more and more digital platforms coming out that empower you as a landlord or as property operator to do all of those things.

Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

And we need to have that engagement occur in such a way that it is customized that it is tailored.

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