Inside CRE Tech • Episode 5.2

New Challenges of Construction & Design Technology

Top CRE executives discuss the new challenges of construction and design technology.

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Gabrielle Rubin Deveaux, Global Real Estate & Facilities, Buzzfeed

I think the challenges that some of this new technology creates is maybe people are afraid to be the first ones to delve into it. There's a lot of unknown. I think once people take that jump and they'll realize that it's actually a better way of doing things than what their fear of it is.

Hussain Ali-Khan, Global Alliance Director, CBRE

I think the the challenge is that the technologies have created in construction design is around the integration right. People have talked about the promise of this technology or that technology. But the problem is is that nobody has invested yet in some of the perhaps API’s or integrations that could really create the productivity we're looking for.

Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

And the other challenge here is the bridging of the digital divide, because this experience that has come just by having done a lot of buildings and iconic buildings and having been throug,h having made the mistakes, in real life with with steel and glass, as opposed to kind of someone who's grown up in the digital world and bringing those pieces together I think that's going to be one of our greatest challenges. It's a human element, it's a human challenge that we're facing

Hussain Ali-Khan, Global Alliance Director, CBRE

Ten years ago, and it's now hasn't completely died yet, there was a movement towards what's known as the Integrated workplace management system. Sort of like one database to rule them all, and then you would attach modules to it the way you would within an IRP an example of that system would be like Tiririca. But since then the the problem with those systems is that those companies have not been able to invest in their modules the way that standalone point system companies can, and as a result you basically you've got a package of modules that you need to customize and make additional investments in when you can just you know buy a subscription off the shelf to some of the point systems. So I think the integration of the technologies is one of the challenges.

John Gilbert, EVP, COO, CTO, Rudin Management

I think the biggest challenge, in terms of the wearable space, is getting people who are wearing those sensors to realize that it's in their best interest, and that it's not Big Brother watching them, but it's ultimately data that's going to help them be better workers, be more productive, and ultimately running a safe job, which is in everybody's best interest.

Tama Huang, Chief Innovation Officer, CohnReznick

So I come back to the workforce right. So I think that in many aspects of real estate now it's no longer enough to be a facilities manager or a property manager. You also have to be computer savvy. Right there's a network understanding that needs to come into play. I think the same is true in construction and design today. There's a new generation of architects that is growing up completely digitally.

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